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Kalebodur, which develops special products for architects and designers with the slogan ‘The building block of your creativity’, carries the most natural and pure form of marble to the spaces with its new series Max Marmi.
Kalebodur continues to add new series to the Kalesinterflex product group, one of the world’s largest size, thinnest and stretchable porcelain ceramics with a height of 1 meter, a length of 3 meters and a thickness of only 3 millimeters. The Max Marmi series, which comes to life with a brand new technology, offers application in a wide range of uses due to its large size and slim construction.

An ideal choice for those who can’t give up the natural look of marble, the Max Marmi series is excellent in all areas of use, from interior to façade. The Max Marmi series, which stands out as large as 100×300 cm, can also be presented by cutting to the desired size.

The Max Marmi series, which also allows you to customize the spaces with openbook’ décor option, is offered to consumers and professionals with two different white marble options: ‘snow’ and ‘milk’.