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Natural touch to habitats with savannah.

Kalebodur offers a collection where you will feel the splendor of the 80×160 cm size with its new savannah.

Savana series, 80×160, 80×80, 60×120 and 60×60 cm with remarkable bright surface and size options, as well as appealing to the creativity of architects, the consumer is gaining the appreciation. Completing the venues, differentiating, offering an openbook décor alternative, the series also attracts attention with its rich vascular structure. The Savana series, which carries the unique stones offered by nature to the spaces with the ease of use of ‘full body’ porcelain, meets its highly aesthetic and functional series with both residential and commercial areas. With its diagonal texture and fullbody porcelain durability, the Savannah series adds a natural touch to modern living spaces. Available in 80×160, 80×80, 60×120 and 60×60 cm size options.