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Çanakkale Seramik creates warm atmospheres with ‘Vera’ Çanakkale Seramik, which has won acclaim with the products developed in accordance with the expectations of its users, continues to bring together the latest trends with the consumer with its new series Vera.

Çanakkale Seramik offers an unorthodox design with the Vera series, which reflects textile and cement texture to the spaces.

The matte background t-eds, which are combined with the characteristic texture of soft colors, give the spaces a sense of worn/experienced with its texture between var and none. The ‘patchwork’ décor of the series also add mobility to the venues.
Appealing to those who enjoy moving surfaces and the use of patterns on the ground, the Vera series creates warm atmospheres both in residences and cafes and restaurants with a choice of floor tile with ‘patchwork’ décor.

In addition to the 30×60 cm rectifiye wall tile and décor produced in the bone and beige colors of the Vera series, glazed granite floor tile with the same texture as the background tile produced with alternatives of 45×45 and 60×60 cm appeals to those who want a stylish space.