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Kale Banyo offers extremely elegant and useful solutions in large-volume spaces with icon maxi series, which is one of the most beautiful examples of all-class bathroom solutions.

Kale Banyo, which brings ideal solutions to the need for comfort, aesthetics and functionality in bathrooms, makes life easier with icon maxi, one of the new series. Icon Maxi series with compatible and flexible usage options for large-scale bathrooms; bathrooms add an ambience to the modern lifestyle.

Designed by Ece Yalım Design Studio, Icon Maxi offers high-storage solutions to large-volume spaces. The series, which also stands out for its minimalist design, modular structure and personalization options, makes a contemporary and postmodern impression.

Icon Maxi, brought to life by Kale Banyo with an environmentally friendly approach, appeals to consumers who want to have a calm and peaceful bathroom as well as aesthetic and functional.

Smart Edge sinks complement the elegance of the bathroom. The 5.5 millimeter thin Kale Smart Edge sinks in the Icon collection also complement the elegance of the bathrooms with their aesthetic and functional structure. Produced with fewer raw materials, less electricity and less labor, the Smart Edge stands out for its 40 percent lighter structure than regular sinks of the same size.