Canakkale Ceramics

If you want Mediterranean breeze in your home; For your kitchen, wall or other indoor ceramic needs, the Aria series, which came from the Mediterranean, is just for you.

Our Vivaldi series, which has a classy look like its name gives you a space that looks like a place from the Baroque period. The Ornament series will add a completely different atmosphere to the kitchen in your home, office or café. It is possible to add a different touch to both classical and modern spaces with Semper series for marble-looking ceramic lovers .

While we have various models for bathroom wall ceramics, our Marmoles Brillo series, which you can use on both the walls and on-site of your bathroom with Calacatta ceramics , will turn your bathroom into the place where you want to spend the most time in your home with Calacatta ceramics from Carrara, Italy.

To add a different atmosphere to your balcony or café, all you have to do is take a look at our outdoor ceramic models. The Betonart series, which will add a more modern look to your space, or the Pera Collection, which will transform the space into a more classical and traditional atmosphere, is perfect for anyone who wants to cover outdoor spaces with ceramics.

Çanakkale Ceramics models are of course not limited to these. According to your taste, we have many different tile models that you can choose from matte ceramic or glossy ceramic, gray ceramic, white ceramic, colored ceramic or patterned ceramic, modern or vintage ceramic.