Arguably, the most used area in the home, the living room can aptly be referred to as the heart of the home because it performs quite a number of functions. We entertain guests, socialize and relax in the living room, so it stands to reason that we would want this area of the home looking its best at every point in time. Once in a while, we may decide to give our living room a major design overhaul, to make it look more appealing to visitors and guests; sometimes, a minor revamp may just do the trick.

Here are some tips on how you can add some pizzazz to your living room

Create a centerpiece

Your choice of living room décor reflects your personal taste and style and a centerpiece helps draw attention and heighten the appeal of a space. The primary activity done in the living room should determine the position of the centerpiece. If the primary use of the living room is to receive visitors and guests, a riveting art piece could be placed to adorn the wall overseeing the seating area.

Also, a vintage mirror, a riveting artwork, a grand piano, a winding staircase, or an intricate architectural design can serve a centerpiece.

Pay attention to the flooring

Your living room will not look appealing if the carpet is worn or the tiles damaged; in this case, new flooring will go quite the distance in keeping the space looking fabulous. Revamping the flooring does not have to be expensive to have the place looking great. Whatever your choice of flooring is, bear in mind the effects on mood and, select patterns that match other interior décor pieces in the room.

Choose an ideal colour palette

Admittedly, colours generally make everything beautiful and more so when they are used in ways that complement the environment. For your living room, neutral colours like white, beige, gray, ivory and taupe make for bold outlooks and accentuate the other pieces of interior décor in the space.

Upgrade the lighting

Lights do not only amp up your living room, they also serve decorative purposes. You could have accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting in your living room. Accent lighting draws attention to your centerpiece; for this category of lights, recessed lights, spot lights and wall lamps are best suitable for highlighting architectural designs and art pieces you want attention drawn to. Task lighting as the name implies are installed to shed light for tasks like reading and working on a computer. Ambient lighting is soft, does not hurt the eyes and used to create a calm and comforting feel in a space. A thoughtful combination of all three categories of lighting will give your living room the right effects that makes for the perfect look and feel.

These few tips on how to amp up your living room are sure to leave your space looking every bit as elegant as you envisaged.

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