Just had a beautiful bathtub installed in your bathroom which has you all excited? Would you like the bath tub to stay beautiful and appealing for a long, long time? This article is pieced together to help you achieve that without necessarily breaking your back or pulling a muscle while at it.

Like most new and shiny things, bath tubs require care and maintenance to stay shiny and great-looking. Let’s delve right in.

Declutter Bathtub Ledge

Needless to point out, it is easier to clean your bathtub if the ledge is not cluttered with containers and stuff. Allow only bath products you need and use regularly on the ledge, everything else goes someplace else. Neatly arrange and fit these few selected necessities in a corner, or better still, put them in a shower rack or hang them overhead. This will keep the edges of your tub from collecting residue from soap dispensers and lotion pumps.

Rinse After Each Use

We know it feels like you wash your bathtub whenever you have a bath, but what you may not know is, residue of oils, soap or suds could form a build-up of scum and grime on your bathtub surface over time. To keep this from happening, you should rinse your bathtub with plain water after each use. This simple exercise can save you the strain of extensive cleaning in the future.

Scrub Tub Monthly

Rinsing off your bathtub after each use is great, but if you want to maintain the shine, it is important you give the tub an actual wash on a monthly or fortnightly basis. To do this, you’d need a non-abrasive scrub sponge and mild dish soap. Pour in some tablespoonfuls of soap into half a bucket of warm water and thoroughly scrub the tub inside out.

Unclog the Drain

If there’s an obstruction of water flow, it may mean your drain is clogged and may probably be time to do some unclogging. How to do? Pour down the drain half a cup of baking soda; this should be followed closely by half a cup of white distilled vinegar. Allow the combo sit in the drain for some minutes to fix the clog and then flush with hot water. 

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