Considering a bathroom reno? This article is about to take you on a ride that promises to help you decide on what trends are best suited for your bath space.

Strap on as we show you through some really amazing bathroom trends that could make your bathroom more than just a space you wash up and ease off in.

Coloured Concrete Sink

Who says your bathroom sink has to be white? With modern trends have come amazing colour ideas for bathroom sinks. Now, picture a black sink in your bath space; it did look great in your mind’s eye, right? We thought so. Now, put this into consideration when planning your bathroom makeover.

Floating Vanity Unit

Floating vanity sets have fast become the in-thing as far as bathroom décor is concerned. Not only are they elegant and give your space a modern feel, they are practical and excellent space-savers. They are a great idea if you can afford to have them in your bath space.

Coloured Faucets

Yeah, we are back to colours. Introducing some colour and fun through coloured faucets are now a big trend in 2021. A monochromatic bathroom featuring matte black faucet is a hit. If you want to opt for a bold outlook, brass would suffice.

Bathroom Artwork

Big statement pieces, like framed photographic prints could give your bathroom a sensational look. Wallpaper prints are also fantastic trends you want to infuse in your bathroom décor. With so many artwork options to choose from, you might want to pick prints that agree with your personality and style.

Statement Showers Admittedly, the idea is to wash clean regardless of what type of shower is used. But your choice of shower could be the difference between beautiful shower experience and perfunctory shower routines. Whatever trendy shower decision you make eventually, Adell has just the shower for your personality and style.

All-white Statement

If you’re an all-white kind of person, it’s totally fine to make your bathroom class statement in all-white. We’re talking from white tiles to white walls, sink, vanity set and even faucets. With white, you can hardly go wrong. When you have your classy white-statement bathroom all set, if you feel like it, you could pop in some colours with your artwork, towels and bath mat.


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