A Crash Course on Types of Shower Enclosures

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Tired of being tired of your plain and lackluster bath space? Shower enclosures to the rescue!

Shower enclosures are a sure way to switch up the outlook of your bath space, and get your bathroom looking and feeling like a spa retreat.

Whether you’re looking to repair your existing shower enclosure or you intend to install a new shower enclosure in your bathroom in the near future, this article will take you on a crash course on what you need to know about shower enclosures.

Picking out the perfect Shower Enclosure

There are a wide range of shower enclosures, but there are generally 5 types and, picking out the perfect one for your bath space could be overwhelming; however, knowing what type of shower enclosure works for the size of your bathroom, should help make your decision process easier.

  1. Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures

Designed to fit in the corner of your bathroom, quadrant shower enclosures feature a base with a curved radius to one corner, normally where you’d enter the shower. This base makes them the go-to option for bathrooms with limited space or awkward layouts. These are ideal for people who want to optimize their space as efficiently as possible.

2. 3-sided Shower Enclosures

The 3-sided shower enclosure is a unique enclosure style as it only requires one flat wall to fit the enclosure around, as opposed to the regular fitting into the corner of a room using two wall spaces. This means you can place a 3-sided shower into different areas in the bathroom and are no longer restricted to the enclosure requiring a corner space in your bathroom. The 3-sided shower generally tends to be larger in its dimensions, and therefore suits a larger bathroom. The flexibility of positioning on one wall, which you get with the 3-sided enclosure, means it can be used in a small shower room where you can select a corner basin and corner toilet to be neatly tucked away allowing you the luxury of a grand showering space.

3. Reduced Height Shower Enclosures

This type of shower enclosures is just perfect for bathrooms with small spaces and low roofs.  They help increase the functionality of your suite.

4. Bi-fold Shower Enclosures

An alternative way to design your bath space, the Bi-fold shower enclosure comes with a folding door that opens and closes into the shower enclosure; it takes up less room in your bathroom and allows for quick and easy access.

5. Hinged Shower Enclosures

Hinged shower enclosures have hinged joints which hold the shower door firmly in place; which means the door opens outwards in to the bathroom. They are fitted with minimally-styled hinged shower doors to give an open and airy feel. This type of enclosure gives you ample room to get in and out of the shower, as long as you have sufficient space directly in front of where the glass door swings out.

As a rule of thumb, for all shower enclosure types, the thicker the glass, the sturdier and often times, more expensive the shower door will be. All shower enclosures are either framed or frameless and come in a variety of shades and finishes.

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