Having troubles picking out a washbasin for your bathroom?

While picking the right wash basins for your bathroom may not seem like such a big deal, you could get stuck when presented with the very many choices there are. From pedestal washbasins to wall-mounted washbasins and top-mount washbasins, the choices in between are varied. There are different factors to consider when picking out a washbasin that suits your lifestyle.
In this article, we will run you through the pros and cons of the aforementioned types of washbasins to help you make informed decisions when next you go washbasin shopping.

Wall-mounted washbasin

A wall-mounted washbasin is fixed directly to the bathroom wall, without necessarily attaching it to a vanity or on top of a countertop. It looks sleek and gives your bathroom a minimalistic feel.
Pros: Having the wall-mounted washbasin saves you some space as there are no cabinets, drawers or vanities underneath it; which in turn, gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom. To achieve a sleek and flawless look, ensure that all the plumbing fixtures are positioned inside the wall.
Cons: Like with almost everything that has advantages, the downside to having a wall-mounted washbasin is that there is no storage space under the sink and since there is no countertop, there is no place to pile your cosmetics and other necessary bathroom items near the sink.
It is most suitable for small spaces, powder rooms and guest bathrooms.

Top-mounted washbasin

A top-mounted washbasin is fixed to and supported by a surface (made of any strong material), which has a hole to accommodate the drainage pipe.
Pros: A top-mounted washbasin could be mounted on pretty much any type of surface, so whether you have a wooden vanity or ceramic countertop, the cut-out is completely covered by the washbasin so it will not de damaged by water over time.
Cons: With this washbasin, you cannot wipe spill off the counter into the basin. Well, this may not seem like such a problem, but hey, I promised to fill you in, no matter how seemingly insignificant the information may be. So, there!
It is most suitable for elegant en-suite bathrooms where you want ample counter space for all your toiletries.

Pedestal Washbasin

A Pedestal washbasin is made up of two physically separate elements that are attached during installation. The top is the lavatory, which collects water in the basin and acts as the attachment point for the faucet or fixture. The lower section is the vertical pedestal which partially carries the weight of the lavatory.

Interestingly, there are a handful of pros for the pedestal washbasin. Here are some really helpful pros to consider:
⦁ It is durable
⦁ It’s simple to clean and maintain
⦁ It eliminates countertop clutter
⦁ It is great for smaller spaces
⦁ It leaves you very little usable counter space.
⦁ The supply and drainage pipes are sometimes visible

I’ll do you one better and tell you where to get whatever type of washbasin you decide on. For your quality washbasins and sanitary wares, visit our showroom at 30, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island.
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